About the Show

Rock of Ages

The 29th longest running show in Broadway history!  It should have been an easy recipe for someone to figure out but it took book writer Chris D’Arienzo to bring it all together.  Take some of the best 80’s glam and hair metal songs and write a clever story linking them together and you should have an audience sing along sensation. And that’s exactly what Mr D’Arienzo did circa 2009.  It’s a simple story of a girl and a boy falling in love against the backdrop of the late 80’s sunset strip…except you have to add in an insane narrator, a stock German villain, an ego-maniacal rock star, and and aging club owner and all of his devoted, dance-happy followers to come to a happy ending.

So come and sing along to the best show Asheville has seen in Ages.  Bon Jovi, Poison, Journey, Whitesnake and many others have written the perfect score for you to sing away your winter blues at the Masonic theatre in February.


See Ya There!

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